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This site is currently in development, and is in a sort of loosely open 'alpha' test. All features/styles currently present are not finalized. By using this site you agree that any information/input you provide may kept/deleted/used at the discretion of the development team for testing purposes. If you'd like to help by testing out new features, and staying up-to-date with development, please join the MixMingler Discord.

Recent news and notices about the Alpha test will posted on the home page.

Version History

  • Streamer List: Can now filter and browse streamers.
  • Backend: Tweaks to communications data structure
  • General: Followed channels are sync on login.
  • Streamer List: Now split into 'online' and 'followed' streams.
  • Bug Fix: Account Management: Fixed an issue where buttons were toggling correctly on unfollow/unignore types.
  • Bug Fix: Streamer Profile: Fixed an issue where 'unfounded' communities were listing in streamer's communities.
  • v0.3-Communities Release!
  • CSS: Adjusted info card highlight on hover.
  • CSS: Fixed spacing issues on Type details page.
  • Type Profile: Implemented icons for follows/views.
  • v0.3 Release Candidate 1
  • Type List: Can follow/ignore from type info card.
  • Home Page: Shows number of pending member requests for communities a user manages.
  • Login/Logout: redirects to page user was viewing when action was started.
  • Account Settings: Users may now manage email communication settings.
  • Community Admin: Ownership transfer is now possible.
  • Community Admin: Admins are now able to delete their communities.
  • General: Login/Logout returns you the the page you were viewing.
  • Community List: Now shows number of online streams.
  • Home Page: Can now view community top streams/news from home page.
  • Community Foundation: Reloads page after founding community.
  • General: Added a 'Back to Top' button for when users scroll below the fold.
  • Community Profile: Design overhauled.
  • Community Profile: Display online users, but default to news if no users online.
  • Community Profile: Table of all members now available, with sortable data.
  • community Profile: Member/Follower counts adjust when user changes follow/join status.
  • Community Profile: Display news for all members.
  • Community Admin: Now has a 'back' button to return to community profile page.
  • Community Admin: Can now edit community details.
  • Community Admin: Can now upload cover art while editing details.
  • Community Admin: Can now specify a related discord server.
  • Community Admin: Fixed bug where users were not being removed as 'pending'.
  • Auth/User Profile: Fixed a bug where users were not syncing.
  • Backend: Consolidated user sync into a single function.
  • Community Profile: Now displays cover art and link to discord server (if supplied).
  • General/Backend: Complete overhaul to database structure and refactoring of associated server communication functions. (AKA: why this update took 2 weeks)
  • Types List: UX tweak: Shows active type list if user is not following any types.
  • General UX Update: Alerts and Confirmation prompts appear when communicating with backend.
  • General: UI adjustments for sub page navigation
  • General UI: icons may appear next to community lists to indicate your role in that community.
  • Home Page: Panel with alerts related to pending community requests now appears.
  • Account Page: Manage communities + Set/Unset Core Communities
  • Community Moderation: Manage Users (approve/deny/kick/ban/promote)
  • Login: Mixer email address synced upon login.
  • Email Notices: For community creation, and new members
  • User Profile: AJAX loaded news feed.
  • Admin Panel: user site roles assignable
  • Home page: news feeds load asynchronously.
  • New communities can be requested.
  • Admin Panel: approve/reject community requests
  • Communities can now be founded once approved.
  • Community moderation page with limited functions added.
  • Can approve or deny pending member requests for communities.
  • Controls for join/leave/follow/unfollow fine-tuned and now also handled 'closed' and 'approval required' communities.
  • Stable Release of v0.2-Types!
  • Login/Logout buttons now in header.
  • Improvements to alpha/version info page.
  • Icons added to navigation.
  • Alpha Info added to navigation.
  • Fixed a backend issue that was causing bad database insertions on types. Required adjustments to type URLs.
  • Added basic status of streamer/viewer counts and 'view on mixer' link on stream detail page.
  • Recent streamers on stream type page are now consolidated down to one listing per streamer.
  • Now able to manage followed/ignored types from account management page.
  • Streamlined design on 'common games' on type detail page.
  • Added note for when there are no active streams on a type's detail page.
  • Followed games is now listed in streamer profile.
  • Common games, and time notices hidden for streamers with under 25 followers.
  • Types list now can now toggle between 'followed' types and 'active' types.
  • Time of user registration to MixMingler is now being tracked.
  • Followed games are the focus of the Stream Types page if user is logged in.
  • Ignored games are hidden on the Stream Types page.
  • [Type List] Style adjustments for type listing panels, and using iconograpy for stream and viewer count.
  • Tweaked time displays on streamer profiles
  • Login page now has a proper button.
  • Build Code Name: "TYPES"
  • Streamer Auto-Scan: Syncs/adds currently online streamers with 25+ followers every 10 minutes.
  • Type Auto-scan: Syncs/adds any currently online stream types every 30 minutes
  • Stream Types: It is now possible to look at info for specific stream types. Info includes: current number of streams, list of active streams by popularity, list of streams by start time, frequent streamers by count of stream type in the last 30 days.
  • Follow/Unfollow Stream Types: Users can choose which games they want to prioritize. These games are selectable on thier home page where they can see recent events related to that type, as well as the top 6 current streams of that type.
  • General design overhauls to home page and profile page.
  • FAQ updates.
  • Versions reset AGAIN properly align with new development roadmap.
  • 'New Communities' list on home page now shows any communities that are new since you last logged in OR that were created within the last week.
  • Newly added communities since your last login are now listed on your home page.
  • Admin Panel: See most recent logins
  • Added 'alpha' page that showcases version history and development plans (accesible by clicking version # in footer)
  • Versions reset to make more sense (0.0.1.x) where 'x' increments with each alpha update.
  • Added graceful failing on single community pages if no members have joined.
  • Now tracking last login time.
  • Added account management page.
  • Can modify core communities from Account page.
  • Added version number to footer.
  • CSS and content adjustments for communities listing page.
  • Can now toggle community categories.
  • General refactoring of code relating to creating community pages
  • First tracking of patch notes by version
  • Placeholder Admin Area. Only accesible by 'owner', 'admin', and 'dev' roles. Link to Admin area should appear in navbar if role is valid.
  • Intial home page with listing of your communities AND news feed for communities you follow.
  • Some refactoring of loading of single community pages. Should be no experience changes
  • Only 'joining' a community now adds a news item into database
  • Begun developing 'Core Communities' feature, only lists on profiles and home page. Setting core communities not implemented
  • User registration now occurs as part of the authentication process
  • Refactored data controller for single user display page
  • Users now sync if their last sync with Mixer was over 30 minutes ago. This is to prevent over-pinging the Mixer API
  • News items now have human-readable timestamps
  • 'Streaming Now!' appears if stream has been detected online in that last 30 minutes.
  • Joining/Following/Leaving/Unfollowing a community is now marked in your timeline
  • domain registered, and development/alpha content has been migrated to this server
  • Authenticate with Mixer added

Development Roadmap

Bug fix plans and tweaks are not outlined in roadmap.

A feature being present on the roadmap means it has a strong likelihood of being development, but may not be guaranteed.

v0.1 - Groundworks

This version focuses on exploring initial ideas and functionality.

Status: Complete

v0.2 - Types

This version focuses on adding functionality related to exploring and utilizing stream types/games.

Status: Complete

v0.3 - Communities

This version focuses on adding functionality related to communities, including: creation, moderation, joining/following, etc.

Status: Now in development!

  • General: AJAX-based data loading to improve site performance speeds.
  • Home page: View recent activity based on followed communities.
  • Overhaul community browsing page
  • Provide admin/moderation tools for communities.
  • Allow users to request new communities.
  • Community Detail: Provide information about: founding member, current owner, current moderators
  • Account Management: Select core communities
  • Account Management: Manage communities

v0.4 - Streamers

This version focuses on adding functionality related to streamers, and providing fun florishes, useful tools and recommendations.

  • Streamers Page: should attempt to make smart suggestions of streamers based on your followed games and communities
  • Login Page: Showcase random communities, streamers and game types
  • Profiles: Showcase teams
  • General: Track followed Mixer channels

v0.5 - Not Even My Final Form

This version focuses on implementing final design and user experience features.

  • no outline as of yet

Unmapped Features

  • Be able to find offline games and games not yet in MixMingler database.
  • Be able to crowd-source linking games to communities to help improve suggestions.
  • Types Page: Allow option to follow/ignore from thumbnails.
  • Raid Finder: A tool that would help find streams to raid.